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Ignite Your Human Potential Through the Mastery of Neurobiology


Discover BioStacking and ignite your human potential.


Jonathan Spero, M.D., is your guide to optimizing your performance in life and improving your well-being through the balancing of your neurotransmitters.

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Jonathan Spero, M.D., is a serial healthcare entrepreneur focused on improving employee health and performance for over 25 years. His most tenured company, InHouse Physicians, is dedicated to protecting the well-being and increasing the productivity of employees in the workplace and at corporate meetings worldwide.


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BioStacking℠ is for anyone who wants to experience the fulfillment of igniting their human potential thereby optimizing personal health and professional performance. Learn the neuroscience research behind the practice of BioStacking.


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Jonathan Spero, M.D., has spent a career as a healthcare provider and entrepreneur. He welcomes the opportunity to share how stress blocks the flow of good health and ways BioStacking techniques can be used to overcome these responses to optimize performance.

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