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A significant number of medical conditions have stress as a mitigating factor in their condition. When stress is the root cause of the problem, treating physical conditions alone is not enough. BioStacking℠, a well-researched science of brain chemistry, provides techniques for adults to optimize their professional performance. These techniques are also available to educators who teach teens healthy alternatives to protect against the negative forces of drugs, bullying, and suicide. For both adult and teenage audiences, BioStacking techniques make it possible for individuals to ignite their human performance at work, school and in life.


The Five Steps of BioStacking


Neuroscience tools that, when stacked on top of each other, lead to optimal human performance.

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I want to be part of reshaping how people manage the barriers in life and enable a flow state to fulfillment.

My dream is that one day, adults and teens struggling with stress, bad habits and horrible living environments will learn how to tap into their brain chemistry and rise to unrestricted performance levels. What human performance problems is your organization facing? Keynote presentations, custom group workshops and consulting sessions are available.


What People Are Saying …



“With BioStacking we are cutting to the core of what the problem is - stress. Stress is the #1 issue that affects health, cognition, the ability to focus and be present. BioStacking cuts to the core of what it means to be human and how we operate at max capacity to be the best versions of ourselves.”

/  Peter Karl Youngren, Executive Director & Founder GO CREATE IT  /


“Adolescents experience a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. Having these tools is incredibly impactful to give them coping skills – strategies to implement on their own to help become resilient individuals.”

/  Chicago Middle School Teacher  /


“When we were doing the exercises I wasn’t thinking about the future or past, I was thinking about right now.”

/  Isabella, 8th grade student  /


Create Restorative Experiences

Meetings & Events

Create a new standard for your meetings and events through a range of practices that enhance the attendee experience by not just mitigating risks but increasing engagement and performance. When people feel well, they are collaborative and open to learning.


In the Classroom

We can help teachers and administrations create meaningful experiences for the classroom. BioStacking techniques can give young people the tools they need to better cope with the stress in their daily lives. Contact GO CREATE IT today.