Are you looking for a competitive sales advantage for your sales teams? Of course, you are - we all are. As humans, that is what we are genetically programmed and socially conditioned to do. So where do you start? To discover true competitive advantage and sustain it for your sales teams - start with the brain. 

Over the past decade, the neuroscience of peak performance has been widely researched with state of the art tools leading to multiple discoveries. Scientists have found that all humans are innately designed to do their best. However, optimal performance is dependent on your state of mind. The state of mind most closely correlated with optimal performance is called the “Flow State” or “Flow” for short.

Flow can be thought of as ‘being in the zone.’ It is when your brain is supercharged, your productivity is off the charts with seemingly little effort, and you are experiencing a heightened sense of well-being. Flow is the state of consciousness where you feel most alive, intensely productive and innovative. The good news is that this state of being has a specific neurobiological footprint in the brain that can be measured and even more importantly, this footprint can be reproduced on demand with certain specific interventions.

Dr. Spero has spent over a decade building a formula for optimizing human performance based on neurobiology. This formula consists of stacking proven, individual neuroscience interventions on top of one other to move the brain closer to a Flow State – a process we have termed as “BioStacking.”

BioStacking leverages the latest knowledge in neuroscience research to improve focus, memory, learning, complex decision-making, creativity, and emotional regulation resulting in dramatic improvements in your sales team’s performance. The key neuroscience interventions included in BioStacking are:

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1. Focused Attention – meditation to promote the resilience necessary to overcome rejection

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2. Mindfulness – being in the present moment to enhance focus and listening skills with clients

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3. Future Visions – removing self imposed limitations and creating stretch goals through visualization

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4. Metacognition – enhanced thinking skills to creatively solve challenging objections from prospects

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5. Recovery – to improve energy through smarter use of breaks and downtime


As sales leaders continue to invest in the development of their sales teams – the neuroscience interventions of BioStacking become the key to satisfying an ever-evolving workforce devoted to revenue generation.  This modern sales force expects their sales leaders to provide a culture focused on a growth mindset and novel, cutting edge tools to achieve greater sales performance.

Sign your team up for Dr. Spero’s one-hour workshop – BioStacking for Sales Executives. Stack the deck in your favor through BioStacking and discover true competitive advantage. Your bottom line depends on it.