R-Lounge for Meetings


Corporations invest millions of dollars and countless hours preparing for their key meetings and events.  The standard goals and objectives of the meetings are consistent across all industries. These common objectives include learning/training, connecting/collaboration, and engagement/motivation.

The attendees at these meetings are typically responsible for a vast majority of the revenue and profits of the company and there is often only one opportunity every year to collectively meet as a group. As such, satisfying meeting objectives is a top priority for senior management.

However, despite the best-laid plans, achieving meeting objectives is a challenge because most attendees at corporate meetings are highly distracted and overly stressed. As such, they do not arrive at the meeting in an optimal mindset to learn, connect, and engage. In fact, 71% of attendees would rather be somewhere else, 66% of attendees are dealing with some         level of burnout, and 19% of attendees have an anxiety disorder.  



What senior Executives and meeting professionals are faced with at meetings is an issue of human performance - attendee performance to be specific. And according to all the research in the past 30 years optimal performance starts in the brain.  

Over the past decade, the neuroscience of peak performance has been widely researched with state of the art tools leading to multiple discoveries. Scientists have found that all humans are innately designed to do their best. However, optimal performance is dependent on your state of mind. The state of mind most closely correlated with optimal performance is called the “Flow State” or “Flow” for short.



Flow is the state of consciousness where you feel you best, are intensely productive and innovative, and have greater capacity to collaborate and connect with others - all the attendee traits necessary for a successful meeting.  The good news is that this state of being has a specific neurobiological footprint in the brain that can be measured and even more importantly, this footprint can be reproduced on demand with certain specific interventions.

The R-Lounge leverages the latest knowledge in neuroscience research to 
improve focus, memory, learning, complex decision-making, creativity, and emotional regulation 
resulting in dramatic improvements in attendee performance. The R-Lounge supports the growing change of focus in organizations from employee health to wellness to performance. An organization’s bottom line depends on it and so does your employees’ engagement and fulfillment. 

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