R-Lounge For Worksite


71% of employees are not satisfied with their job, 66% of attendees are dealing with some level of burnout, and 19% of attendees have an anxiety disorder. Employees live in a highly distracting overly stressed work environment leading to employee turnover and performance issues.

One way InHouse Physicians addresses this issue for our employer clients is by inserting one of our R-Lounge stations right into the workplace.
Over the past decade, the neuroscience of peak performance has been widely researched with state of the art tools leading to multiple discoveries. Scientists have found that all humans are innately designed to do their best. However, optimal performance is dependent on your state of mind. The state of mind most closely correlated with optimal performance is called the “Flow State” or “Flow” for short.
The R-Lounge leverages the latest knowledge in neuroscience research to, in a matter of minutes, move a person's mindset closer to the Flow State - leading to improved focus, memory, learning, complex decision-making, creativity, and emotional regulation resulting in dramatic improvements in employee well being and performance.

Employees can choose to visit the R Lounge on their own or be prescribed visits to the R-Lounge by one of our onsite clinic providers.

The R-Lounge supports the growing change of focus in organizations from employee health to wellness to performance. An organization’s bottom line depends on it and so does your employees’ engagement and fulfillment.

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